Gossip Girl Episode 13 – The Hurt Locket


Oh Gossip Girl, how much I’ve missed you! Remember that international drug dealer Little J was carelessly skipping around town with? Well, things are slowly heating up in their business relationship. Lily is a bit concerned and discusses an open-door policy with Jenny when boys are in her room.

Lily should be that worried about her own relationship. Rufus is avoiding her like the plague. When he finally does come home, he’s not happy when Lily fesses up to kissing her ex-hubby while she and Rufus were still engaged. Lucky for Rufus, Apartment 24A is waiting with open arms.

On Gossip Girl’s steamier side, Nate and Serena move from warm to hot to cold in one day’s time. Serena asks Damien to the French Ambassador’s Dinner after feeling played when Nate reiterates that they should slow down. Jenny comes to Nate’s rescue as his dinner date. Their biggest mistake was taking relationship advice from Dan, who is still pining over Vanessa, and Blair, who still plays twisted games with Chuck.

Speaking of Chuck, he is still stuck on the woman he saw at his father’s grave. After some investigative work, he finds her address and comes clean with Blair about believing Elizabeth is really is mother. Unfortunately for Chuck, Elizabeth adamantly denies being or knowing his mom. After Blair calls Elizabeth on her crap, Elizabeth calls Chuck from a blocked number. Naturally, he misses the call.

Hot Gossip Girl music from this episode includes: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ ” Janglin,” The Breakups’ “Go Away,” The Big Pink’s “At War With The Sun,” and Seawolf’s “Spirit Horse.” The music from Gossip Girl doesn’t stop there because Monsters of Folk’s “Map of the World,” The XX’s “Crystalized,” and Athlete’s “Wild Wolves” are also featured Gossip Girl songs in this episode.


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