Man Gets Arm Trapped into Heavy Machine | Chicago Fire

Severide and the team get to a construction site where a worker got his arm trapped inside a machine.

Season 01, Episode 05:
Casey (Jesse Spencer) confronts Detective Voight (guest star Jason Beghe) about his harassing tactics, vowing never to back down, and ends up paying the price for his decision. Dawson (Monica Raymund) faces disciplinary action for her on-the-job conduct. Meanwhile, Severide (Taylor Kinney) finds his arm failing him during a rescue at a construction accident, and reaches out to Anna (guest star Mouzam Makkar), an old flame and pharmaceutical rep, hoping she might be able to help alleviate his injury problems. David Eigenberg, Charlie Barnett, Lauren German, Teri Reeves and Eamonn Walker also star.

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