20th anniversary Scottish Parliament – Escort to the Crown – Scots Guards, Royal Mile 2019 [4K/UHD]

Saturday 29th June 2019 saw the 20th anniversary of The Scottish Parliament.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was in town for Royal Week, staying in Holyrood Palace.

The Crown of Scotland was taken from Edinburgh Castle by luxury limo guarded by The Duke of Hamilton and The Scots Guards.

The Scots Guards P&D played the 20 minutes from Edinburgh Castle down the Royal Mile to The Scottish Parliament Building.

Due to Heilan Laddie being blocked in 240 countries (why?!) I have had to remove that song from the VT .. sorry.

I have done a Directors Cut with commentary version of this event here: https://youtu.be/yLlCcNUAU20

This version has all of the footage of the day, as the commentary overcomes the zealous ContentID copyright system.



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