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The American woman’s shocked sister shared her medical bill on social media which showed an additional $40 fee for “brief emotional/behavioural assessment”, much to her fury

A woman with a rare condition was charged for getting emotional during a GP visit (stock image)
A woman with a rare condition was charged for getting emotional during a GP visit (stock image)

A young woman who visited a doctor for a health check up was shocked when she was billed an extra £30 just for crying during her visit.

The patient had gone to see her GP after struggling with a recent health problem related to her rare disease.

Because she was frustrated, she shed a tear during their consultation.

Later when she saw the bill she realised she had been charged for a “brief emotional/behavioural assessment” which cost more than her tests.

The example was shared on social media by her sister – YouTuber Camille Johnson – as an example of America’s “broken healthcare system”.

She shared on Twitter : “My little sister has been really struggling with a health condition lately and finally got to see a doctor. They charged her $40 for crying.

The additional fee on her hospital bill



“They charged her more for crying than for a haemoglobin test. They charged her more for crying than for a health risk assessment.

“They charged her more for crying than for a capillary blood draw.

“She has a rare disease so she’s been really struggling to find care. She got emotional because she feels frustrated and helpless.

“One tear in and they charged her $40 without addressing why she is crying, trying to help, doing any evaluation, any prescription, nothing.”

The post garnered a lot of attention from people on social media who were shocked at the bill.

One person replied: “I have a rare disease as well, and it’s impossible to go over my symptoms or ask for help from the doctor without some emotionally upheaved tears.

“This billing practice is inhumane.”

Camille said back: “Nobody should have to suffer with health issues without knowing if they will ever be able to afford help.”

Several more people were also angered by the bill, with one saying: “No human being should have to go through this.

“I do hope someday Americans will realise freedom is to not have to worry about education, health care and housing.”

Another replied: “How can even a country like Brazil have free access and she couldn’t come to take an exam in the most advanced country in the world.

“This can only be a joke, it’s not possible.”

Last year another American woman fumed when she was charged $11 after crying during a mole removal surgery.

The charge was categorised as showing ‘Brief Emotion’.

She sarcastically tweeted an image of her bill, writing: “Mole removal: $223 Crying: extra.”

The social media user on Twitter called Midge , then jokily added: “I didn’t even get a damn sticker.”

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