Why the U.K. is outsourcing its refugees


Nothing is Foreign29:33Why the U.K. is outsourcing its refugees

The U.K.’s plan to send refugees on a one-way trip to Rwanda is causing outrage.

In a controversial, multimillion-pound deal, the British government will send some asylum seekers to Rwanda instead of allowing them to stay in the U.K. This plan marks a major shift in how refugees are treated and could have a far-reaching implications for the rest of Europe — and for thousands of refugees fleeing war and persecution.

We explain how the deal works, why thousands of lives could be in jeopardy, why some are calling this immigration policy “neo-colonialism” and why critics say Rwanda isn’t a safe haven.


  • Bella Sankey, director of Detention Action.
  • Theogene Rudasingwa, former Rwandan ambassador to the U.S.

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