Unrequited Love – Why Can’t You Love Me Back?


Ah, Love! How tender, sweet the world ’round;
It’s sovereignty unquestioned and profound;
But of all the hurts and weeping raining down,
Unrequited love displays the crown.

Copyright Richard Andrew King

Is there anything more heart-wrenching than loving someone but not having them love you back, in not having your love returned to you as it is so honestly and faithfully given? “Why,” we may ask ourselves, “why can’t the person I love so much love me in return?” Unrequited love is truly one of the primary reasons for a broken heart.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible for someone to love us back. Why? Because love and attraction are based on energy. That energy is defined by numbers, just like sound and light can be identified by numbers. Our energies, i.e., our numbers, may work extremely well in blending with another person from us to him or her but that person’s numbers may not blend with our energies, our numbers. Simply said, if the numbers between two people don’t harmonize, mutual love simply can’t materialize.

There are several primary numeric keys in determining the success of relationships. The most critical factor in the love and attraction scenario is that the Soul energies [defined by numbers] of one person must resonate with the other person. If those numbers don’t resonate, they can’t be returned to us and our love goes unrequited, unreturned. The other person may be wonderful and a great human being, but love and attraction are determined more by the harmonizing of the numbers between two people than by character qualities. Like does attract like but the attraction is in numerical resonance, in other words the energetic bond between two people.

There are many numbers to consider in a numerology chart, but the numbers most critical to love and attraction are found in the Soul, those energies that determine a person’s primal, intrinsic needs. If the Soul energies and their corresponding numbers are not matched appropriately by the other person, the person’s desires won’t be met. For a mutually successful relationship, both Soul energies of the individuals involved must find harmony one to the other. If there is no mutual flow of energy, there can be no mutual flow of harmony, and love simply can’t flow back and forth. It may flow one way, but not the other. This is when the unrequited aspect of love reveals itself.


In order for love to endure between two people, there must be a reciprocity of energy. The intrinsic needs of both individuals must be met for a true love bond to be created. “One Way” energy simply won’t work. It must be “Two Way.” That energy and those bonds of love and attraction are defined by our personal numbers, those housed by our full name at birth and our birth date. Furthermore, the love bond that is the most powerful is anchored in the Soul energies of each person, i.e. those numbers associated with the Soul component of their Basic Matrix in their numerology chart. Therefore, to find true love, first look to your numbers and those of your intended partner. They will be the determining factor in the quality of the relationship.


Source by Richard Andrew King

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