Ukrainian parliament member ‘sure that Putin will lose’ war: ‘I’m ready to fight’


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Ukrainian parliament member Alexey Goncharenko said he is “sure” that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will lose” his fight for Ukraine Thursday on “Your World.” Holding a rifle, Goncharenko said he was “ready to fight” for his native Ukraine.

ALEXEY GONCHARENKO: I was born [in Ukraine] and I’m ready to fight for it. And I’m sure that Putin will lose. I don’t know how much time [it will] take, but he will lose. But definitely, we need the support of the West because we are not fighting just for ourselves – we are fighting for the whole world, and for the whole civilized world. And I think that it’s very important for [the] free world to show its strength. Not to show like after … Afghanistan, the weakness of [the] free world, but the strength of [the] free world. And if Putin and other dictators will see that the free world is weak, then Ukraine will be just the beginning. Then there will be … many more crises in Europe and in Asia and in Taiwan and wherever you can call. So I think that’s a crucial moment for the free world in general – to support Ukraine, to support Ukraine to keep our existence. 


Just don’t believe Putin. Today, he … asked not to be part of NATO. But when he started [the] war against Ukraine in 2014, we were not [a] member of NATO and … we didn’t have aspirations to NATO from a majority of people. So he started the war from [a] neutral country, absolutely neutral. So that’s Putin who made us … wanting to go to NATO. So that’s not about NATO, it’s about that Putin wants to rebuild [the] Soviet empire, the empire of evil, like President Reagan told. And he wants Ukraine, he wants Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Baltic countries. He wants Poland. He wants the wall in Berlin, I [assure] you. So the question is, where will he be stopped? That’s the question and not … where he will stop voluntarily. He will never stop voluntarily. 




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