Ukraine-Russia war LIVE – Panicked Putin desperate for way to save face before he’ll end invasion, oligarch claims


How key Putin allies have died, been jailed and suffered mystery ‘heart attacks’ (3 of 7)


The bodies of the top Russian banker and his family were discovered at his luxury Moscow apartment, not long after the bank was slapped with Western sanctions.

Vladislav Avayev, 51, was found dead along with his wife Yelena, 47, and his 13-year-old daughter Maria at their home in the Russian capital.

Avayev was formerly the vice-president of Gazprombank, Russia’s third-largest bank and one of the main channels for payments for Russian oil and gas.

It has been hit with sanctions by a number of western countries in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including by the UK last month.

Russian state media agency TASS reported on Monday that the bodies of three people, including a girl, were discovered in a £2m apartment on Universitetsky Prospekt, a leafy street in southwest Moscow.

Police spokeswoman Yulia Ivanova told TASS that the bodies were discovered by Avayev’s eldest daughter Anastasia, 26, after they heard that neither the family driver nor nanny could get through on the phone.

She claimed that the door had been locked from the inside.

The daughter discovered the bodies inside their luxury apartment, along with a total of 13 different weapons.

A law enforcement source said that a gun was found in Avayev’s hand and that they believe it was a case of murder-suicide.

Avayev had reportedly worked for Gazprombank for many years before deciding to leave suddenly for unknown reasons recently.

Kremlin analyst Olga Lautman said that Avayev earlier worked in Putin’s presidential administration, as well as in the parliament, or Duma.


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