Timeshare Owners – Red, White or Blue Week


OK ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about that sales presentation that you went on and you ended up as a “Timeshare Owner”. You either received something in the mail, or you were approached by someone on the street offering you a free gift for your time and you accepted the invitation. When it was all said and done, you walked out with a packet in your hand, a disclosure statement and what you thought was a lifetime of happy ownership in a high quality timeshare unit you just viewed in the most saute after location in the world. In this awesome presentation, your salesperson explained and showed, explained some more things and then showed you this extravagant unit and asked the secret deadly question. “Can you see yourself” blah, blah, blah. Your response to that question was “YES”. Gotcha, hook line and sinker! Your dreams start to build, your feeling the emotions run wild throughout your body, you actually start to see yourself enjoying life and the all the things that you have been missing out on. You picture yourself with family and friends enjoying this extravagant lifestyle only the rich and famous could really afford. Well, isn’t that how it all went down? Reality check!

Back to the table we go, the salesperson now asked a few more questions, then bam, the representative shows you a price for the unit you just seen yourself enjoying. The first price you are seeing is for a “Red Week”, known as “prime or peak” time in that type of a unit. Is it the same unit? Probably not. Is it even in the same building? Probably not. Well we heard the mention throughout the presentation of “red” time, maybe where your taking this presentation it’s all “red” time. But is there more than one shade of red? Well I am glad you asked! There are, peak reds, prime reds, shoulder reds, red reds. Wow, learning colors inside the colors in the timeshare world is an education all by itself. Is red really red? Red is the preferred color when considering buying a colored deed timeshare unit. So rule of thumb for a timeshare owner to be a happy owner is, prime red or peak time red and prime location. Prepare yourself, price is based on many factors, prime or peak reds, it’s inventory that a resort or developer will not discount on the price in a high quality, high demand resort.

White and Blue weeks. White week timeshare share owners, own what is known as a shoulder week, either just before red or just after red time. If your buying a timeshare with the intention of using it to exchange in an exchange network, white and blue time can be a challenge for even the novice timeshare owners. Rule of thumb from the timeshare guru. Buy what you want or need to make it work for you, don’t buy what they are trying to sell you. Price shopping a timeshare will reflect a downgrade in either what they showed you at first or what you are actually getting.


Source by Bill DZ

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