‘They’re lying to you’: Russian TV employee interrupts news broadcast | Russia


An employee on Russia’s state Channel One television has interrupted the channel’s main news programme with an extraordinary anti-war protest.

The protester, who was identified by Russian media as Channel One employee Marina Ovsyannikova burst on to the set of the live broadcast of the nightly news on Monday evening, shouting: “Stop the war. No to war.”

She also held a sign saying: “Don’t believe the propaganda. They’re lying to you here.”

The news anchor continued to read from her teleprompter, but Ovsyannikova’s protest could be seen and heard for several seconds before the channel switched to a different report.

Ovsyannikova recorded a separate message beforehand in which she said she was ashamed to be a Channel One employee.

“What is happening in Ukraine is a crime and Russia is the aggressor,” said Ovsyannikova, adding that her father was Ukrainian.

The protest took place on day 19 of the war that began when Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February in what it called a “special military operation”.

Channel One said it was undertaking an internal review into the incident, the Tass news agency reported.

“Wow, that girl is cool,” tweeted Kira Yarmysh, the spokesperson for the jailed opposition leader, Alexei Navalny.

She posted a video of the incident, which quickly racked up nearly 180,000 views.

State TV is the main source of news for many millions of Russians, and closely follows the Kremlin line.


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