The WHY of Endings – Relationship Break Up and Acceptance / Attachment Trauma Alan Robarge Therapist

On this video, let’s explore the why, why, why, of incessant looping and inconsolable trauma mind when a relationship ends. Break ups are hard. Heartbreak is painful. For those of us with Attachment Injuries and Attachment Trauma, we struggle to make sense of and accept endings. This video speak to our deep feelings and need to grieve. Grieving is the path.

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The WHY of Endings – Relationship Break Up and Acceptance / Attachment Trauma Alan Robarge Therapist

Announcing The Four Attachment Distress Responses Quiz and Course

Many of us want to know how to heal, how to change, how to be more secure, etc. This is why I created the course: The Four Attachment Distress Responses. You’re invited to take the quiz and learn about your Response.

Many of our behaviors in relationships are habitual – meaning we act out of autopilot. Our autopilot Response comes from past conditioning of negative experiences. When attachment injuries go unaddressed, we become insecure in our relationships.

The Four Attachment Distress Responses Course describes each specific type of guardedness, which means how we try to protect ourselves from getting hurt again while attempting to get our attachment needs met.

While we cannot change the past, we can change how we respond in the moment and in the future. This course offers you insights and tools as new ways to respond in your relationships. The Four Responses are Poking, Running, Hiding, and Submitting.

Check out the quiz to learn more. See the URL link above.

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Alan Robarge, LPC
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Psychotherapist and Relationship Educator

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