The Pros and Cons of Pursuing a Career in Ballet


Ballet is beautiful to watch. The dancers look so graceful and beautiful, until it’s almost impossible not to dream of being one of them. There are children all over the world working to make that dream a reality. But it takes more than talent and a few classes to achieve that goal. There are many pros and cons associated with pursuing a career as a professional ballet dancer.

Pros and Cons

1. Some professional ballet dancers have lucrative and successful careers. Top dancers earn good money, fame, and recognition from their peers. However, most dancers never reach this level of success. Some dancers spend their entire career struggling and waiting for their big break.

2. Dancers often develop good character traits such as determination and persistence. These traits will serve them well, no matter how their dance career turns out. Unfortunately, determination and persistence can be taken too far. If a dancer cares more about success than anything else, it can hurt them in the long run.

3. Ballet dancers start training at an early age. It can be fun for a child to take classes, and decide on a career at a young age. But when they want to dance professionally, it also takes on a different tone. A child has to devote a lot of time to practice. They miss out on many things must children take for granted. The sacrifice is worth it if the child really is serious about dancing.

4. Competition is tough. Dancers experience a lot of rejection. They are judged on their talent, looks, and weight. They are often told that they just aren’t good enough. A child needs emotional strength to deal with the often harsh world of professional dancing. If they can achieve this, it will help them develop into strong individuals.


Source by Fred Wild

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