Tantra | तंत्र | Ep. 55 | Akshat’s Plan Foiled? | क्या नाकाम हुई अक्षत की साज़िश?

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Akshat’s evil plan to get rid of Niyati takes a hit following the timely intervention of the police. Unaware of Akshat’s intention, the Khanna family throws a grand reception for the newlywed couple. Amidst the celebration, will Niyati finally realise that her husband is a threat to her life?

A new house is supposed to bring hope and happiness. But imagine moving into a house that’s controlled by dark forces? Just after moving in, a series of paranormal activities leave Niyati and her family reeling under the evil effects of Tantra practices. What they don’t know is that the evil forces are blood thirsty and hungry for revenge. Can Niyati win this war against witchcraft? Find out now.

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