Sculpting & Lifting Face Massage | Slumber Party for One

Welcome to my Slumber Party for 1! Get into your pyjamas and press play as I take you through simple ways to destress, give yourself some TLC and feel refreshed.
A great face massage done regularly can elevate your beauty-game forever. It tones, de-puffs, detoxes and lifts while improving circulation to give you the glow you been searching for. Over time you’ll see the contours of your face more defined and the strokes will come naturally to you, so you may not even know when you pulled a quick 60 second version while applying your moisturiser.
Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have below!
Please refrain from practising this technique if you are pregnant or lactating. Please avoid this massage if you have any active skin condition.
I am a beauty enthusiast and not a Doctor. Everything in this video is a recommendation out of personal experience and can be subjective.
Do check with a licensed healthcare practitioner if this is suitable for you, and practise at your own discretion.

0:00 Beginning
0:21 Warm Up
0:52 Jawline
1:16 Cheekbones
1:40 Eyes
2:10 Forehead
2:30 Face
2:40 Tanaka Face Contouring Technique
3:03 Neck & Décolletage
3:18 Ears
3:23 Conclusion

See you in the next video!

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