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School Colors Episode 7: “The Sleeping Giant.”

LA Johnson

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LA Johnson

School Colors Episode 7: “The Sleeping Giant.”

LA Johnson

In some ways, this entire season was prompted by the parents who organized against diversity planning in School District 28. So in this episode, we’re going back to that one ugly meeting, where they unleashed their fear and anger on the rest of the community.

They claimed the diversity plan was an act of social engineering, imposed from on high, devised in secret. They organized people through Facebook groups and went toe-toe with members of their community. So who are these parents, what do they believe and why? Moreover, why were they ready to fight so hard against a plan that didn’t exist?

When we started reporting this season, we asked around: Who had been most active in organizing against the diversity plan? Most of the parents we were told about were white, but we had a hard time getting them to talk to us. Though a furious debate was happening almost exclusively between parents on the Northside, the rest of the district was watching.

In this episode, we let people who opposed the diversity plan speak for themselves.

In the meantime, we’re coming to the end of this season of School Colors and we’d really like to hear from you. Have you heard something on the show that’s moved you or changed the way you think about race, class, power, and schools in your own life? This goes out to everybody but especially our friends in Queens. Give us a call at ‪(929) 483-6387‬ and leave us a voicemail. You might even hear your voice on the last episode.


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