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I haven’t taken a break in 11 years, I need to now – Samantha Akkineni talks to Anupama Chopra about the success of The Family Man, the backlash she received for her role and why she’s decided to take a break now.

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Edited by: Newel Mathew Sailesh
Producer: Sneha Menon Desai
Asst. Producer: Vinisha Tauro

00:00 – Samantha Akkineni talks to Anupama Chopra.
00:37 – Samantha Akkineni on winning the first award for a web series.
01:26 – On being a greedy actor.
02:57 – Samantha on giving herself a break.
03:34 – On watching Disney animation films and playing a princess’ character.
06:23 – On not being a part of Nag Ashwins and Pawan Kalyan’s film.
07:15 – Samantha on empowering women.
09:13 – On actively working with female technicians and crew.
10:16 – On appreciating other peoples talent and being happy.
12:19 – Samantha on her star image.
13:40 – On not having a Godfather and a PR in her career.
16:45 – Samantha on her lows and learning from them.
17:48 – On dropping her last name.
19:33 – On giving advice to Naga Chaitanya Akkineni for Laal Singh Chaddha.
20:12 – Samantha on Bollywood.
21:12 – On doing action for The Family Man.
23:03 – On worrying for Naga’s films.
23:53 – Samantha on being desirable by the person she’s become.
26:16 – On the change on a film set with regards to women.
27:11 – Samantha on taking a break.

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