Pugs Make Great Companions


Much has been written about the value of a pet in a person’s life. There are studies that indicate that it can give a person purpose and even extend their life. Dogs, of course, make great pets but we think Pugs are the best dog of all when it comes to companionship and loyalty to their owner. There is nothing more adorable than having your little friend go crazy when you arrive home. They are so happy to see you they almost can’t control themselves.

Pugs are great for seniors and children. Their size makes them easy to manage because their ideal weight is only about 14 to 18 pounds. If you want to feel needed and loved you almost can’t do better than a Pug. Their history goes back hundreds of years and most scholars agree that the breed probably got its start in China. They were favorites of the monks in Tibet because of their gentle and loving nature. They eventually made their way to Europe and become a royal favorite. Prince William of Orange was a Pug lover and brought the breed to England when he took the throne in 1688. They have been a favorite of the British ever since! But their popularity is worldwide. Even Napoleon had an encounter with the breed. Legend has it that Josephine, his wife, had a Pug named Fortune who bit the European ruler on his leg on their wedding night in an attempt to protect Josephine from this stranger! They are very loyal to their owners.

A Pug is an ideal companion who loves nothing better to be in the company of their owner. They are loyal and lovable beyond belief. Are they the perfect pet? Well, nothing is perfect – not even the Pug. They do have two faults that every prospective owner should know about. The first is that they shed. Have a Pug sit on your lap and you will know he’s been there. If you can’t stand vacuuming then maybe a Pug is not for you. We happen to think it’s a small price to pay for such an adorable friend.

The second negative for Pug owners is that their little friend is an eating machine. It seems they’re always hungry and it is not uncommon to find Pugs that tip the scales at 20+ pounds. They are prone to being overweight and, after their owner, eating seems to be the love of their life. They will be very curious and very hopeful whenever you walk into the kitchen. They turn Oscar winning performances whenever the possibility of being fed is present. People will think you starve him the way he begs for food. Don’t worry though, they can be trained and, if you’re disciplined, you can overcome this with a little work.

Pugs are part of the Toy Group of dogs. In fact they are the largest breed in this group. They have a very distinctive look and a very dignified manner. Pugs are one of the most attractive breeds in any group and have done very well in dog shows. They are well proportioned and can be quite comical. You can dress them up and they will never tire of being the center of attention. Rest assured, you will always have their friendship and loyalty.

Pugs make great companions for young and old. They are very social and are happiest when they are with their owners. You should think twice about a Pug if you’re not going to be able to spend a lot of time with the dog. They are at their best when they are with people. Although they are very athletic and love to play you should also take note that they do not function well in hot weather. Because of the structure of their face they are prone to breathing problems especially in the hot weather. Extra care should be taken that they don’t become overheated.

Pugs come in fawn and black. Both are adorable and it is easy to understand why Pugs consistently rank in the top twenty breeds in terms of popularity. They will be loyal and faithful companion and will quickly occupy a special place in your home and your life.


Source by J M Conner

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