Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – New Trailer : pokemon


We’re definitely getting a primal vs technological, old vs new vibe from this.

Between the Legendaries obvious differences alone, but even the 2 Professors. Sada is rocking shark teeth and a very rough vibe, Turo literally has a sci-fi undersuit.

Just to tack on what some comments have been adding onto this one.

  • The Professors names are translated to Past and Future in Spanish, same with the Legendary dragons in Japanese.

  • The characters page on the Website shows the full Cavewoman outfit for Sada, go check that out for… research purposes. Also good note that they mention each Professor is studying lore in the region.

  • We also see the player housing is very traditional looking in Scarlet vs a modern up to scuff estate in Violet. /u/FunkyPapaya notes Scarlet uniform posing for the modern house, and Violet posing for the traditional. Potential narrative flourish, or a fashion show, who knows.

  • There’s also a piggy, in the trailer, important detail, very cute.


Thought I may as well share the explore page for the game as well, few of the screenshots from the Trailer, confirmation of Co-op exploration and catching with up to 3 people. Freedom of exploration at your leisure and ‘not dictated by the story’.


Then the new Pokemon page, showing off our Past and Future Legendary Dragons of Koraidon and Miraidon, Our little bear Pawmi, the worried looking Smoliv, and of course our new god Lechonk.


Thanks for adding on /u/Kelthret , /u/lmhTimberwolves and /u/danstu


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