One Dating Taboo in My Country? 50 Countries Share

We got 50 people from 50 countries to share one major taboo or faux pas when it comes to dating in their country. From who pays the bill, to the amount of PDA, to the conversational topics, people from Poland to Chile share their views and preferences in the new “50 countries” series.

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Alexandra Augustine (directing)
Marina Iakovleva (editing)
Jason Tojeiro (video/editing)

Stacey (Nigeria):
Paulina (Poland):
Alex (Germany):
Antonella (Italy):
Nav (India):
Yiannis (Greece):
Meydge (France):
Callum (Scotland):
Marianna (northern Ireland):
Rebecca (Trinidad):
Lakeisha (Bahamas):
Lesedi (Botswana):
Esthela (Uganda):
Tamar (Lebanon):
Sabina (Azerbaijan):
Kineta (Indonesia):
Rojin (Iran):
Akari (Japan):
Malayka (Egypt):
Andreas (Denmark):
Jeyzon (DR):
Claudia (Peru):
Ghea (Philippines):
Gabriela (Argentina):
Jinho (Korea):
Estefania (Ecuador):
Klajd (Albania):
Nobu (UK):
Shubei (China):
Laura (Netherlands):
Olga (Russia):
Andrey (Belarus):
Andrei (Romania):
Samina (Kazakhstan):
Aleks (Australia):
Charlot (Norway):
Katya (Ukraine):
Kyle (Canada):
Gabriela (Chile):

Filmed in:
Toronto Canada



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