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Hi – over the past few months there has been an organized smear campaign being run against me. While there have always been people questioning my motives (despite a decade of actions to the contrary), since forming We The Investors, this movement has become more organized. I noticed a significant uptick following my meeting with the SEC Chair. I’m happy to answer any questions from this sub – I’m as transparent as I possibly can be. I haven’t responded to the ridiculous and absurd allegations though because I do not believe that this smear campaign cares about the truth – it has one goal, and that goal is make you question my motives and actions. I invite you to judge everything for yourself – my track record is perfectly clear and consistent.

This is flowing through a user I had blocked a couple of months ago for their repeated trolling of me, and ridiculous accusations that had no basis in truth. The so-called “DD into Urvin LLC”  which is nothing but a stream of random google search results strung together to paint a narrative. This is confirmation bias at its best – look for a series of dots, and connect them in such a way to strengthen whatever argument it was that you wanted to make. For example – there are not 2 CEOs of Urvin. There are actually 3 Urvin entities, and Urvin LLC has absolutely nothing to do with Urvin Finance Inc.! This is the kind of thing that is very easy to clear up when someone is interested in the truth, but ignored or dismissed when they have a different motive. I’ve never scrubbed my social media, and never disguised or hidden the truth of the entities I’m involved with. It’s all been on LinkedIn this entire time!

The very idea that I would be in any way associated with Citadel at any time since I left in 2009 is so absurd that I don’t even know how to respond. It’s been a constant accusation against me, including in the halls of Congress in 2012, and on this sub repeatedly since I began engaging. If I were motivated by money, I can assure you I would have never left HFT, let alone chosen the path that I did. But all of these claims are from people who have clearly no idea what they’re talking about, and clearly have never even read a privacy policy before. They call me out for things that are in both GME’s and Computershare’s privacy policies (in fact ours is much stronger than theirs), and are standard in any privacy policy you can find on the internet. They said that a relationship with S3 or Apex is not in question – but there are absolutely no relationships whatsoever with either of those companies. They are mis-reading, misunderstanding, or most likely purposefully misrepresenting innocuous connections or statements. There are so many instances of this in the so-called DD, that it’s impossible to address them all. Nearly everything in that post is factually incorrect.

Once again, it is not surprising that this smear campaign has accelerated since our meetings with the SEC. I am happy to answer any question in this thread in terms of my business practices – I’m an open book, and there is absolutely no data or benefit flowing to any other company, and especially not to Citadel, S3, Apex or anyone else. But I’m only interested in engaging in good faith – not with those who are simply out to smear me – because there is no amount of truth or fact that will change their minds. If there was, they would have answered their questions with some simple google searches and been on their way. There’s nothing hidden or insidious happening here at all.


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