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Russian mother Cristina Ozturk lived with her hotel owner husband Galip Ozturk in the coastal city of Batumi, Georgia, before his arrest during a special forces op on May 31

Russian woman Christina Ozturk with her huge family
Russian woman Christina Ozturk with her huge family

A mum-of-22 has admitted life is “hard” taking care of her kids after the arrest of her millionaire husband.

Russian mother Cristina Ozturk, 24, lived with her hotel owner husband Galip Ozturk, 57, in the coastal city of Batumi, Georgia, prior to his arrest during a special forces op on May 31.

Finance Ministry spokeswoman Nato Natroshvil said Galip, who was arrested for falsifying documents and money laundering.

The Turkish businessman, who owns the bus company Metro Turizm, fled his home country in 2018 after an appeals court upheld his life sentence for ordering the murder of a man named Kuvvet Koseoglu in 1996.

Cristina with her husband Galip Ozturk before he was arrested



According to reports, he escaped to Georgia, where it is legal to use surrogate mothers, and met Cristina, a former stripper who was on her first trip outside of Russia.

In 2021, the couple revealed how they splashed out around £138,000 on surrogate mothers to quickly amass 20 babies in one year, soon adding two more to the crop, and spoke of how they hoped to one day reach 105 kids.

The couple reportedly spent £68,000 a year on 16 full-time nannies.

Following her husband’s arrest, Cristina has admitted that she is finding life “hard” taking care of her huge family.

Cristina (middle) who has 22 children through surrogate mothers



She said: “The feeling of loneliness does not ever leave me, even with such a large number of close people around me.

“Now it is more difficult than ever, I can’t stand the silence, I can’t stand his absence, I can’t sleep, and I wake up all alone.”

The young mum added: “I can’t see his empty workplace… I can’t see his smile, I can’t hear his voice, I can’t feel his embrace.”

The Mirror told on Monday how Kristina met her multimillionaire husband Galip Öztürk during a trip to Georgia, where the businessman moved after being sentenced to life imprisonment in his home country, Turkey.

A year ago they had one child together but went on to pay 21 surrogates to expanded their family quickly and now Kristina has 22 toddlers to bring up with her 16 live-in nannies.

Mr Öztürk was arrested during a special forces operations, which was shown on Georgian TV channel Mtavari.

Officers were seen raiding a hotel that Mr Öztürk owns in the seaside trade hub of Batumi, which bordering Turkey, and he was detained on charges related to money laundering and falsifying documents, the country’s Finance Ministry spokeswoman, Nato Natroshvili said.

In 2018 he had fled Turkey for Georgia after an appeals court approved his life sentence related to a murder back in 1996.

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