Let’s Have A Look At Your Next Relationship 🌹💞👄Pick A Group 🦋Tarot Reading


I am The Hermit Tarot and this is my FREE tarot reading channel. Today we are asking Spirit about Your Next Relationship…! This video will be covering:
x Who your next relationship is with…
x What your relationship with them will be like…
x Channelled Messages from their Higher Self
x Advice from Spirit about this relationship

**You may have messages in more than 1 group…

💐Extended readings will be exploring:
x When you will meet this person & When you will be in union with them
x How you will meet them & How your relationship/unions forms
x Why you meet them/How you both impact each other’s lives
x More channelled messages from them

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Prefer to pay per video? No worries:
Group 1 – https://momence.com/p/99586
Group 2 – https://momence.com/p/99594
Group 3 – https://momence.com/p/99599
Group 4 – https://momence.com/p/99604

*Songs included could have additional messages in the lyrics*
Intro – 00:00
⭐️Introducing Memberships – 00:16
Pick A Group – 05:01
Meditation – 08:59
Group 1 – 10:26
*( https://youtu.be/wPr8zRCQV10 / https://youtu.be/hHXfCOjb3fk )*
Group 2 – 47:15
*( https://youtu.be/thak0ePAEIs / https://youtu.be/yHV04eSGzAA )*
Group 3 – 01:25:42
*( https://youtu.be/-CPCs7vVz6s / https://youtu.be/rZrnRdeghr8 )*
Group 4 – 02:01:53
*( https://youtu.be/DHgXhcjl4Bk / https://youtu.be/9Gq9N-sPdYg )

The Hermit Tarot – https://linktr.ee/thehermittarot
Tarot Stack – https://www.tarotstack.com/?ref=THEHERMITTAROT
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🌿Decks Featured:
Celestial Bodies Oracle Cards by Serpentfire https://www.tarotstack.com/products/celestial-bodies-oracle-travel-size?_pos=3&_sid=1b3c53ad4&_ss=r&ref=THEHERMITTAROT
Wild Unknown Archetypes by Kim Krans
True Black Tarot Deck by True Black Tarot
Musical Messages Oracle Deck by The Hermit Tarot https://www.thehermittarotshop.com/product-page/MMOD

Love + Light🌻

As always, I aim to offer you clarity, guidance and support. Today’s reading is for entertainment purposes only – do not hesitate to seek professional advice where necessary.



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