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Inside China’s ‘horror HUMANZEE experiments to breed apemen’ for ‘organ harvesting, hard labour & to be sent into space’


CHINESE scientists once reportedly impregnated a female chimp with human sperm in a shocking bid to create a real-life HUMANZEE.

The ape was three months pregnant when it died from neglect after the controversial project was abandoned as the Cultural Revolution swept through the country in the 1960s, a researcher involved claimed.

Chinese scientists attempted to create a 'humanzee' in the 1960s, it is claimed. Pictured: Oliver, a suspected 'humanzee' who it later emerged was 100 per cent primate


Chinese scientists attempted to create a ‘humanzee’ in the 1960s, it is claimed. Pictured: Oliver, a suspected ‘humanzee’ who it later emerged was 100 per cent primateCredit: Channel 5

Dr Ji Yongxiang, speaking to a Chinese newspaper Wen Hui Boa in the 1980s, bizarrely claimed a humanzee would be able to speak to humans and would have a higher intelligence than other “animals.”

The term “humanzee” was coined later in the 20th century and refers to a human-chimp crossbreed – a scientifically possible hybridisation.

Another researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science said there were plans to resume the Frankenstein-style experiments – although it’s not clear if this ever happened.

In his interview, Dr Ji said humanzees could be used for farm work, driving carts and even exploring space and the bottom of the sea.

He even said they could be sent down dangerous mine shafts.

Dr Ji said: “If it had worked, it would have taken the medical world by surprise.”

During the Cultural Revolution – a movement which killed tens of millions in China – Dr Ji was branded a “counter-revolutionary” and was forced to work on a farm for 10 years.

A surgeon by trade, he was reportedly one of two doctors who took part in the humanzee experiment.

He said the project in Shenyang was stopped in 1967 after the lab was destroyed and researchers were attacked or arrested resulting in the pregnant chimp dying from neglect.

Dr Ji said the primary goal of the project was to develop a creature with a larger brain and mouth.

The reason chimps cannot imitate human sounds is because their mouth is too narrow, the doctor said.

The research also wanted to prove the evolutionary theory that humans and apes were “originally related” and are genetically similar enough to have children together.

Back in the 1980s, Li Guongm from the genetics research bureau of the Academy of Science, said further humanzee experiments were planned.

He said: “My personal view is that it is possible, because according to general biological distinctions, they (men and apes) belong to the same category.

“We also did experimental work on this before the Cultural Revolution, but we were stopped.

“At the moment, we plan to arrange further tests.”

Testing showed Oliver was not a human-chimp hybrid


Testing showed Oliver was not a human-chimp hybridCredit: Getty – Contributor

Li said a “near-human ape” could be used to harvest organs to be transplanted into people.

Incredibly, he said a “factory” could be set up to provide organs from the humanzees.

The doctor also discussed transplanting heads from the creatures onto humans – although the Chinese newspaper was unclear whether he was talking about transplanting brains or entire heads.

Shockingly, Li did add that transplanting a brain from a human to a humanzee could be beneficial because “the intelligence of a man can still be used.”

The term humanzee became well known in the 1970s after the emergence of a creature known as Oliver – a bald chimp who walked on his hind legs.

Oliver was presented by some as the “missing link” between humans and chimps.

But tests conducted on Oliver in 1996 proved once and for all that the animal had 48 chromosomes and was therefore not a human-hybrid.


And meanwhile, as China carried out these experiments – Russia is known to have done the same years before.

Josef Stalin ordered renowned scientist Ilia Ivanov to create an invincible breed of Red Army soldiers, secret documents released in the 1990s showed.

Archive papers say the Kremlin chief demanded these mutant warriors be “resilient and resistant to hunger”.

He said they should be of “immense strength but with an underdeveloped brain”.

Stalin also wanted them to work on railway construction.

Scientist Ivanov had made his name at the turn of the century by perfecting artificial insemination in horses proving that the sperm of one male stallion could impregnate up to 500 females.

He then began experimenting with hybridisation and tried to create a super-horse by crossing the animals with zebras.

Scientists in the US are also claimed to have carried out similar experiments – with one expert saying that a humanzee was born before being killed by lab workers.

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