if there’s such a desperate need for trades people why are wages still $17/hr starting? : PersonalFinanceCanada

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My dad has hired many apprentices, even people who claimed they had zero experience PERIOD, because they couldn’t speak English and had never even held a power tool. My dad got people work visas if needed, and trained a lot of people from scratch, and he always started everyone at $18/hr — and this was about 8 years ago. My dad bought them equipment they needed and paid their union dues so they could keep more money in their pockets since a lot of them had families and had no savings.

Almost every single one of those assholes kept calling in sick about 3 months in then randomly ghosted my dad, not even returning the equipment he purchased them.

One guy even ghosted my dad after he got him a used pickup truck because he gave my dad a sob story about how he wants to “work harder but can’t get around due to the lack of a car”.

My dad only has around ten employees working for him now, and he trusts nobody, nor will he ever consider hiring anyone new ever again. Even if he did, he’ll likely pay them the bare minimum.


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