How to Recognize a Toxic Relationship

How To recognize a toxic relationship. That’s what I discuss in this video. I give you 10 red flags to recognize a toxic relationship and 4 ways to detox the relationship.

Here is a list of some behaviors that I believe should be considered red flags, that you do NOT ignore or think they’ll just go away with time. They’re also not transient behaviors that you see when someone is going through a bad patch. These are behaviors or attitudes that persist over time regardless of the circumstances.

1. Chronic anger
2. Chronic sarcasm.
3. Disparaging humor.
4. Having a Punitive mindset. o
5. Controlling nature
6. Excessive insecurity
7. Extremely opinionated
8. The Manipulator.
9. Predominate self-centeredness
10. Need to be on the offense.

If you grew up around someone who did some of these things, you may find yourself being attracted to similar people even though you don’t like their behavior. Even objectionable behavior can feel familiar and comfortable at some level.

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