How to Prepare Yourself for an Extramarital Affair


If you are considering having an extramarital affair or being a lover to a married person, you need to prepare yourself first by asking yourself if you are ready for this and for its consequences. If you answer in the positive, the next thing to do is to find that person you wish to have as your lover.

In preparing for an affair, you need to look for one in a place where there are potential lovers who want what you want. You can start at dating sites for married people because the people registered there have spouses yet wish to have an extramarital relationship. Check out the profiles of those that you are interested in and limit yourself to three prospects.

After getting three possible lovers, contact them and study them carefully to finally limit yourself to just one. The initial communication must be purely social. Know the person’s interests and check if you can trust him or her as you may get caught in a dangerous relationship with an angry spouse hunting you down. You can have a friendly date after conversing with him or her for a few times. Have lunch together so that you can assess one another personally. Act calm and cool and never needy and too touchy.

If you want to proceed with the extramarital affair, ask the other party if that is what he or she wants as well. Check out indicators by assessing your conversation and his or her physical reactions. If he or she dwells on intimate subjects and becomes flirty, your feelings are reciprocated. Be cautious though when suggesting an affair. Do not blurt it out all of a sudden but woo the other party instead. You can sit close together and hold hands and see the other’s reaction. If it is positive, slowly build an affair. If it is negative, you can still remain as friends.

Affairs have no assurances of success as rejection may happen. You should therefore be prepared for it. You just need to keep everything light initially and then see what happens from there. If the other party rejects you, it would not be offensive as you treated everything lightly at first. Always be bold, polite, romantic, sensitive and most importantly, yourself.

If the other party wishes to have an extramarital affair with you, you have to seriously discuss your expectations, wants, limitations and how the relationship should go. If the married party does not want to leave his or her marriage but still wants to date you, you should respect that so as to achieve equality in the affair. Both of you should be in equal footing so that you do not end up with one of you desiring more than what the other party can offer. Expectations should be real and limitations should be respected when dating a married person.

Going out with a married person can be exciting for many but it can also spell disaster if they do not know how to handle it. If you want to be the third party, follow these preparations for extramarital affairs so as not to be in danger’s way.


Source by Joshua Jarington

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