How to Please a Man Without Intercourse! Here is How to Make Him Have the Best Time


A lot of women feel that pleasuring a man involves intercourse. But there are so many things that you can do to pleasure your man and get him addicted to you. Here are some of the things that you can do to please your man.

Give him variety

Step away from the making out session that involves darkness and offer some variety to him. Role playing can be a great way to please a man. You can act out his fantasy, be the teacher, French maid, nurse, Xena the warrior princess. Try a bit of role playing and please him.

Give him a spa experience

One very sensual way to please your man without intercourse is by giving him a spa experience. Go all the way and get everything that you would get in a spa. Light candles and have some essential oils in place and then give him a nice long relaxing and sensual massage.

Play stripper for a day

Erotic dancing is another way to please a man without intercourse. Choose a few numbers, get a pole set up and shed your inhibitions. Get into the groove and be an erotic dancer and stripper for him.

Get him a erotic hamper

One really great way to please a man is by getting him an erotic hamper. You can add some sex toys, some lingerie and a load of porn for him to enjoy. This will also show him that you are secure in a relationship with him and don’t get threatened if he sees pron.

Try the blindfold

Give him a blindfold experience. Sensual sensations are heightened considerably when you are blindfolded. Use a silk scarf to blindfold him and touch him all over his body with light, slow languorous movements.

Ever tried phone sex?

Satisfy his sexual urges by indulging in some phone sex. It doesn’t involve intercourse but can be very satisfying, pleasing and erotic. So choose the right time, shed all your inhibitions and get off with your man on the phone. Get as graphic and detailed as you can. Throw in a couple of moans and panting sounds and he will be really pleased.

Get the creative juices flowing

You can also please a man by getting your creative juices flowing. Indulge in some erotic story telling or some dirty talking with your man. If you cannot come up with some erotic story you can always refer to something you read that can also detail what you want from him. Talking about what you want to do can be intensely pleasing to a man.


Source by Krista Hiles

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