How to Fold Towels Like You’re at the Goddamn Spa


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It’s winter. The days are short, the nights are cold, and the post-holiday serotonin levels, they are a-dropping. Omicron and inflation are surging and it’s Dry January, a time during which, many of us attempt to cope without booze. You know what this moment calls for? Some nicely folded fucking towels.

I realize that may sound ridiculous—and maybe it is. But is giving yourself—or your houseguests—an elegant touch to prettify your dull yellow bathroom and save space in the wrinkled hellscape of your linen closet any more ridiculous than de-cluttering a countertop or occasionally buying flowers because you feel good when you look at them?

It does take more time. Will I do it every batch of laundry? No chance. But when I saw the end result, eight neatly stacked rolls staring back at me where a chaotic assemblage of cotton in various states of unravel usually resides…well. Do you know what victory feels like? It feels a lot like neatly rolled towels sporting a clean, V-shaped tuck and not falling to pieces every time you look at them (or grab one of their shelf-mates).

Therefore, may we present, the towel-folding method you didn’t know you needed.

The spa towel folding process

Housekeeping business owner and TikTok sensation Vanesa Amaro, the self-appointed “Queen of Cleaning” who has nearly five million followers, shared the method in a viral video.

First, lay your towel on a flat surface—a table or firm bed can work. Grab the corner with the tag and fold it over to make a small triangle, taking time to make the triangle smooth and bump-free. Then, bring the top horizontal edge down to meet the bottom horizontal edge (a move I refer to as the Paper Airplane Step, because it resembles the beginnings of a paper airplane). Carefully flip the whole thing over, so the pointed corner is on the upper right.

Then—for the grand finale—starting from the long edge on the left side, roll the towel tightly and smoothly until only a tiny corner remains. Tuck the remaining small triangle into the rolled towel for a crisp, symmetrical finish. And voila, in just a few moments, you’ve elevated your bathtub aesthetics, de-escalated linen closet chaos, and given yourself momentary reason to feel like an organized champion.


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