How to Fix ‘Elden Ring’ When Hackers Send You on an Infinite Death Loop


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The anonymity of the internet has always brought out the worst in people. For some reason, losers enjoy taking out their disappointment with their own miserable lives on others trying to enjoy some well-deserved free time. This latest example comes in the form of Elden Ring, as hackers have figured out a way to crash the games of unsuspecting players, trapping them in an endless death loop.

As you likely know, Elden Ring—like other FromSoftware titles—is a multiplayer experience. That means people can join your game as you play, either because you summoned them, or because they’ve decided to invade your game. This is a normal part of the Elden Ring experience. However, what isn’t normal are players entering your game with the express purpose to make your save file unplayable.

These hackers, viewed by their parents as mistakes, discovered a move in-game that somehow causes your game to crash on PC. If all this “hack” did was shut down your game, the controversy would likely end here: It’d be annoying to be sure, but not anything to really worry about. However, when you open the game again, your character will be stuck in an infinite falling loop, unable to restore from a Site of Grace.

Twitter user Mordecai (@EldenRingUpdate) demonstrated the issue in a tweet last Friday:

At this time, there’s no word from Elden Ring’s developers on how to fix the issue, or whether there’s a patch incoming to stop these assholes from exploiting a game-breaking vulnerability on people who just want to play a $60 title in peace. Those on Xbox or PlayStation aren’t affected by this issue, which is one positive, but since so many of us play on PC, this glitch potentially affects a large number of players.

How to fix Elden Ring’s infinite death hack

If you are unlucky enough to encounter one of these players on your Elden Ring journey, and find yourself stuck in the infinite falling death loop, there is a workaround that has worked for some people. Reddit user Draiganedig shared their solution to getting out of this seemingly endless cycle.

Essentially, when your glitched game loads, you die almost immediately. Almost. In the short time before your character dies, press Alt + F4. This command will shut your game down. When you open the game again, you should have more time to act—with that extra time, open your map, open the list of available Sites of Grace (Y on Xbox controller, Triangle on PlayStation controller), then immediately press the relevant select button (A on Xbox controller, X on PlayStation controller).

If you can execute this procedure quickly enough, it should snap you out of the falling loop and back to a Site of Grace. However, it hasn’t worked for everybody, so there are no promises here.

In the meantime, you might want to consider disabling multiplayer until FromSoft actually addresses this glitch. Elden Ring’s online features are undoubtedly fun, but they’re not worth it if hackers can break your game on a whim.

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