How to Boost a Woman’s Desire For You – Using 3 Best Teasing Tactics of All Time


Women absolutely love getting teased – there’s no two ways about it! Sexual teasing, however, is a fine art and if you do it wrong, the consequences can be disastrous. Read on to discover the ways to do this correctly, and achieve killer results fast…

How To Boost A Woman’s Desire For You – Using 3 Best Teasing Tactics Of All Time

Tactic 1: “Call Her Bluff”. You first need to realize that women will not ever admit that they like to be teased.

When you first tease a woman in a sexual manner, you may find that she seems annoyed or frustrated – but this is all part of the game. Call her bluff, and don’t stop doing it..

Tactic 2: “Mixed Emotions”. Another great way to tease a woman is to send her mixed emotions. By not coming across as desperate or overly interested in her (which will surely turn her off), you should instead “run hot and cold”. “Mess” with her mind a little by running in circles around her!

Tactic 3: “Create Anticipation”. By teasing her, you increase her level of anticipation of the things that you might do to her. By giving a her little hints constantly about what’s in store for her, she will be extremely intrigued by you. she will constantly want to find out more – and maintain her level of interest in you.

By using the three tactics above, you should be well ahead of 99% of guys out there in terms of seducing women. But if you want a foolproof tactic of seduction, you should consider this tactic called fractionation.

Used by seduction masters, this technique is said to be able to make any woman fall in love in 15 minutes or even less. Utilizing easy conversational techniques, you can make a woman feel emotionally “anchored” to you in such a way that she will feel extreme unhappiness when you are not around. Killer tactic indeed!


Source by Derek Rake

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