Harmonious Garden Sanctuary


Combining architectural elements and old world design into a harmonious, pleasing garden sanctuary where you can relax and sip a cup of tea or grill on your barbeque when your grandkids visit, is the vision for a lot of us today. Spending all our time at home, working from home we need to create spaces that are relaxing and cohesive with nature, the garden being our connection to Mother Earth. Harmony with nature, gardening, growing our own vegetables, raking dry leaves or even watering the plants are activities that are so relaxing and nurturing.

The Triple archway, handcarved in old teak wood sits against the brick wall with creepers growing over the columns, beautiful grand old world architecture, the wood is so grounding and brings a single, cohesive identity to your garden sanctuary. A beautiful Buddha sculpture in gray granite, custom ordered from India gives a serene ambiance. The water fall that I put together with natural lava rocks houses the Shiva lingam, bringing in the energy of transformation. These natural stones are found in the river Narmada and are said to reverberate with the energy of Shiva. A pair of columns with old stone bases give the architectural design element to the garden.

An old ox-cart sits in the middle of the big yard filled with beautiful plants. I use it as a beer wagon when I have family over and my grandkids love to sit on the harness. A beautiful carved jhoola-swing sits under the covered pergola and its our refuge. I love to read books or listen to music while swaying on it gently. My husband loves to grill and the swing is our romantic getaway. I focus on harmony with nature so use only reclaimed wood tables and handmade oxcart benches as my patio furniture.

A great part of harmony is bringing in variety by color, textures, and old world elements which adds interest to the garden sanctuary. Old stone jalis cased into wood hang on the exterior of the house serving as anchors for creepers. A magnificent granite elephant with his trunk up, elaborately carved and polished in two tone makes a stunning statement as you come through the antique welcome gate which sits on the bridge across the stream running through the garden. The flow of energy is beautiful, serene and harmonious. The far right of the garden is for vegetables that I grow according to the seasons. The lush and bewildering mix of shrubs, ground-covers and flowers creates a perfect landscape, peaceful yet invigorating.


Source by Era Chandok

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