Foot Fetish – Scent of the Sole


Though there is that general foot “odor,” I think most everyone has their own, unique foot scent. Many foot lovers out there, like me, are practical foot funk connoisseurs, pirates on the sea of foot pleasure, seeking to sniff out the booty of foot stink all over the globe. Some foot stench is subtle and some is outright eye-watering; either way, it sure paints a stupid grin on my face. My ultimate fantasy is a girl coming home from the gym, wearing her same old gym shoes and socks that she’s worn – and therefore sweated in – for years. She’d slip off her dank and dirty sneakers, sit down on the sofa to watch a little TV, and force me to be her human footstool. She could smother my face in her smelly feet. I would immerse myself in her sweaty, stinky aroma for hours, breathing it in deep and later walk away with that lingering, damp fragrance on my skin.

My experience in podiatric treats ranges extensively. I’ve bought socks, shoes, toenail clippings, and even ped-egg shavings from girls online. I’ve undergone numerous live foot worshiping sessions, which included everything from a light foot massage to hardcore foot gagging. I love it all. Yes, I’m a certified foot freak and though the site of feet alone is enough to get me going, it’s the scent, that lovely cheesy bouquet of foot funk that I really adore. I sometimes dream of working at a shoe shop. I could put on and take off shoes for women all day long. I’d be in an odiferous nirvana, sneaking to the back room to sniff my fingers that’d just brushed up against a large and perspiring foot. But, I’m pretty sure I’d get fired and so, I’ve never tried to fulfill that fantasy.

One thing I love about foot worship is the power the female senses during the experience. A woman with her feet in my face is more convincing than a robber with a gun in my face. Show me your tootsies and I’m all yours, doll. Females may feel smug in having so much influence and authority over me during a foot worship session but, I’m thrilled by it. I used to be ashamed or embarrassed by my love for soles but, a certain female dom helped me to get over my shame and now I willingly indulge in my freakiness for feet. And why shouldn’t I? Life is short, right? So what if the musty, vinegar tang of a female’s beautiful feet excite me? I wish everyone could be cool and open about their fetishes, although the world might be a very different place!

I’ve immersed myself so much into the foot fetish scene that I’ve almost forgotten that there are people out there who are unaware of such a thing. This ignorance allows me to get a couple sneaky foot peaks, say, on the bus. Summertime, flip flops, pedicures, oh my! I could lengthily admire from afar a fresh French pedicure and the innocent gal on the bus would probably think I was simply tired, zoning out, lost in thought after a long day at work. Little does she know I’m imaging popping each one of her dainty toes into my eager mouth! For those women keen enough to pinpoint and exploit my foot fetish, more power to them.

I’ve divulged my fantasies, unveiled my adoration for all things feet. Foot worship ranges widely from tickling to licking, from sucking to fucking, and from sniffing to rubbing. And now, for all the foot lovers out there, I’d be curious for others to share their freakiest foot fantasies. What’s your favorite foot funk forte?


Source by Toni Christopher

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