Face lifting massage Abigail James NO TALKING

This how to face lifting massage, is an updated version of my first ever face massage tutorial, the much loved, Anti-ageing face lifting massage Abigail James. However I have listened to many of your requests and finally, this time created this video with no talking. On screen words and relaxing music to guide you through. There are a few small changes to some of the face massage moves.

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You can use these massage methods 1 – 5 times a week dependent on your skin type, you can use them alongside your other skincare, at home products and facials. They are holistic methods intended to be enjoyed and to find a moment to yourself for some self-care, that feels good as well as helps you look good, possible the best face massage for glowing skin. Using these face massage moves can help you get perfect skin over night and great for giving you high cheekbones naturally and reducing the appearance of jowls.

These anti-ageing face lifting massage moves are methods I use within my professional facials in central London and on many celebrity clients who come to see me. I have been in the skincare industry for over 20 years, alongside other aesthetician training I have studied many forms of massage therapies for the face and body, including Japanese face massage, Indian face massage, facial reflexology and so much more. These lifting massage moves are an edited version of my training and having worked on thousands of faces over the years.

I hope you enjoy them, I personally love using these types of massage moves with a face oil in the evening, or in the morning before my morning skincare routine.

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