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Episode 4 of Desi Me Dating – Pawan comes back for his second date on the show with some juicy details. Pawan and Krupa make Maggie on their blind date while answering some very spicy questions about each other.

Watch Pawan’s First Date on the Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP6uCQIXbZA

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Desi Me Dating by PopShift

Participants know nothing about the other person and can’t reveal any basic information – including name, age, and occupation unless prompted to. Instead, watch them get to know each other throughout the date with a series questions provided by PopShift. We’re skipping the typical first date small talk and getting to the real stuff right off the bat, and we promise it gets spicy.

Want to be on this Show? Here’s Casting Call for Round 2 : https://airtable.com/shrb42OUW4X8sUSZO

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Pawan Marfatia
Krupa Patel

Created + Edited By Raghu Alla
Produced by: Shivani Bhagwan, Prena Dadlani, Noopur Luthra, Vasvi Mullick
Videographers: Matt DeCola, Brian Jara
Social Edits + Graphics: Adom Woods
Audio Capture: Sal Barra
Title Music: Sanjoy Deb
Branding: Akshay Vig
Make Up & Hair: Sanjana Raj
Production Assistants: Bertrand Cayo, TJ Singh, Surabhi Srivastava

A note from the producers.
We are so grateful for an amazing cast who put their cards on the table and were willing to go with the flow – it made the show even better than we could have imagined.

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