Cupless Bra


For women with cup sizes, c cup or less (A, double A, triple A or B), there is a bra on the market that has some very good potential, believe it or not it is the cup less bra. Immediately I know a lot of women are thinking, oh my god they are for strippers and women of loose morals. But the strange thing is these bras offer a range of benefits for the wearer:

  1. It is a proven fact that when you feel good about the way you look, you naturally feel more self confident and better about yourself. The cup less bra can offer this, the bra offers a feeling of heightened sexual awareness, increased feelings of greater femininity and as a result women who wear these sorts of bras are more confident and more outgoing than normal. When you feel sexier, it shows in the way you interact with people, this is a huge benefit and should not be under estimated.
  2. A proper cup less bra can offer the smaller breasts support, generally a proper cup less bra has a highly supportive under breast band that is more than adequate to support the breasts. Most women have been surprised by the amount of support they have received when wearing such bra. Usually over a D cup or bigger is not normally recommended for use with these bras as the support band would not be effective enough, in these cases a demi or shelf bra is the usual choice.
  3. The cup less bra is quite suitable to be worn under a range of clothing, dresses and tops. White t shirts are or see through tops are not recommended wearing for these bras.
  4. From a purely sexual aspect, these bras do offer a very noticeable enhancement of the nipple area. Due to the design of these bras, the nipple area is enhanced and often seems more prominent for the wearer; in the right circumstances this can be highly beneficial.
  5. From a recent study of women who where asked to try the cup less bra, one of the major points that was raised was the comfort level. There was an overall high satisfaction rating for comfort. These bras allow the breasts to be held in a very natural way, coupled with the fact they where constricted with cups, most women rated them above cupped bras in term of comfort.


Source by Rob Foley

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