Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers threatened to ‘humiliate’ his rape accuser if she kept speaking to cops, court docs reveal


CRISTIANO Ronaldo’s lawyers allegedly threatened his rape accuser with “public exposure” and “humiliation” if she continued speaking to police investigating her claim.

Kathryn Mayorga had reported the alleged rape in a Las Vegas hotel room to police and also sued the Man Utd ace.

Cristiano Ronaldo has denied raping Kathryn Mayorga at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009


Cristiano Ronaldo has denied raping Kathryn Mayorga at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009Credit: AFP or licensors
Mayorga accepted a £276,000 pay-out from Ronaldo


Mayorga accepted a £276,000 pay-out from RonaldoCredit: Coleman-Rayner

But it’s alleged that top lawyers representing Ronaldo and handling the civil case warned her that if she continues to talk to the police they wouldn’t continue settlement and would publicly accuse her of extortion.

The bombshell claim was revealed in a court transcript unearthed by The Sun.

Mayorga‘s attorney Leslie Mark Stovall told the US District Court in September last year that Ronaldo’s lawyers had done their homework on Mayorga and knew she was “vulnerable to a very powerful individual and she was frightened of publicity.”

Stovall cited emails between Ronaldo’s lawyers which were exposed by whistleblowing website Football Leaks and said they “worked that angle”.

“What they did is they – and you’ll see it throughout the negotiations – ‘Well, if you continue to talk to Metro, we’re not going to continue settlement and we are going to publically (sic) accuse you of extortion, that you had consensual sex and that you’re now trying to extort money from this famous, well-known person.’

“And she was terrified of that. And that continued to be repeated and repeated and repeated throughout their correspondence. There was a threat.”

Stovall said Mayorga “complied” and stopped talking with police, although she did cooperate in a later probe.

He said: “You can look at the investigative report from Metro and you will see she stopped speaking to them early on. Why?

“Because she was threatened with public exposure and humiliation by defendant’s attorneys. And it’s documented in those e-mails.”

Ultimately, Stovall insists, Ronaldo’s lawyers succeeded in their strategy, managing to delay the prosecution.

“When Metro reopened it (in 2019) and then decided that they had a case and asked the DA to prosecute it, he deferred.”

He added: “I can’t think of – to me, I can’t think of a more clearer case of an obstruction or a compounding of a crime by lawyers and a party.”

Last year lawyers for Ronaldo slammed Mayorga’s attorney, however, claiming he obtained stolen documents from a hacker.

They wrote in court papers in June that attorneys at the Stovall & Associates firm acquired paperwork labeled “attorney-client communications” through Football Leaks.

“Stovall intentionally sought stolen documents from an alleged cyber hacker and not only used those documents as exhibits to public filings in this case, but also as support for his request that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reopen a decade old investigation to prosecute the Defendant,” the lawyer wrote.

The superstar striker has fiercely denied raping Mayorga at the Palms Hotel and Casino on 12 June 2009.

Ron, 37, settled with his accuser in a civil case where she accepted a £276,000 “hush” payment, but she is now seeking a further £56million in damages.

Despite the police probe being dropped, the civil case is still ongoing.

Ronaldo’s legal team has always claimed that the police investigated the alleged rape twice in 2009 and 2018 – and found there was no case to answer. 

And the star himself denies the allegations and maintains he had consensual sex with Mayorga.

Reps for Ronaldo declined to comment while his lawyers have been approached for comment.

Ronaldo pictured with Mayorga in the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas


Ronaldo pictured with Mayorga in the Rain Nightclub in Las VegasCredit: AP:Associated Press
Mayorga's attorney Leslie Stovall claims his client was 'threatened' by the star striker's legal team


Mayorga’s attorney Leslie Stovall claims his client was ‘threatened’ by the star striker’s legal teamCredit: AP:Associated Press
Reps for Ronaldo declined to comment


Reps for Ronaldo declined to commentCredit: AP:Associated Press


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