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Code Switch presents School Colors.
Code Switch presents School Colors.

Coming soon to the Code Switch feed: School Colors, a limited-run series about how race, class and power shape American cities and schools. Hosts Mark Winston Griffith and Max Freedman take us to Queens, N.Y. – often touted as the most racially diverse place in the world. In 2019, a Queens school district announced that they were chosen to get a “diversity plan.” One reaction from local parents? Outrage.

But to back up: Why would a school district in the middle of Queens even need a diversity plan? And why would that potential plan be met with such intense opposition?

Listen to the full story on School Colors, in the Code Switch feed starting May 4.

To learn more about the School Colors team, and the first season of their podcast — which followed generations of Black parents fighting for self-determination through their schools in Central Brooklyn — check out their website.


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