Australia live news updates: Victoria announces LGBTQ+ support package in wake of religious discrimination debate; at least 44 Covid deaths


Daniel Andrews announces LGBTQ+ support package; Victoria’s Covid rules under review, premier says, as nation records least 44 Covid-related deaths; Scott Morrison condemns ‘bullying’ on Ukraine border; NSW premier acknowledges ‘lessons to be taken’ after double-digit swings towards Labor in NSW super Saturday byelections. Follow all the day’s news

Things get trickier when Speers asked Keneally whether Labor believes schools should be allowed to hire and fire teachers based on whether they are gay or transgender under the law.

Keneally started by saying that “Labor also supports the right of religious schools, faith-based schools to be able to hire staff, whether it is teachers or other staff, that support the mission and the values of the school.”

And so it’s straightforward with children, we think there are some slight complexities with teachers and staff that should be looked at by the Australian Law Reform Commission.”

David, let’s look at what Labor did in the parliament this week. We do believe that people of faith deserve protection from discrimination and extending the law to do that and we think that should not come at the expense of increasing discrimination to other groups of people. We also believe that students at school should be protected and that reflected in the amendments we moved and supported.

So we would like to see the government now accept that amendment that has been supported by the House of Representatives with those five Liberals crossing the floor, and they should just get this bill done. The prime minister promised some years ago to people of faith he would provide this legislative protection. He promised in writing that he would protect children. He is – if he is going to break that promise, he needs to explain it to the Australian people.

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