Australia Covid live news: NSW records 65 cases as Gladys Berejiklian provides update; Qld reports three cases; Victoria mask mandate returns | Australia news


I want to emphasise that this virus is only mobile, moving around if people are moving and that is why we have asked for people to stay at home.

One of the reasons obviously you can leave home is if you are unable to work from home. So if you have to go to a workplace to do your work, that is an allowed exemption, but I certainly would want you to be talking to your employer because if you work with your employer, it may be that there can be other arrangements in place. These days most employers would have capacity in an office environment anyway to be able to facilitate you working at home.

I stress that if you can have that discussion with your employer that would be very helpful because we all have this role. We all have a duty. Your employer has a duty. You have a duty to stop this virus moving around and being mobile amongst us.

I want to emphasise also to employers, I think there has been a bit of perhaps confusion with the employers. I have heard that some employers are telling employees they must come into the office. They think they really need them there. Well, I am just going to emphasise to the employers throughout New South Wales, we are all in this together. Please understand there actually is a health order requiring you to allow your workers to work from home unless they really can’t.


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