ASMR – Scalp Massage [personal attention]

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Hi everyone!

Today, I’m giving you a scalp massage to help you relax ☁️ I’m sorry the video is a bit shorter than I would have liked, I was a bit tired when I was recording it and my arms had a hard time staying up for more than a few minutes.. I hope it’s still relaxing though 🙂
The ASMR triggers you will encounter are: soft-spoken voice and close whispers, personal attention, hair and ear touching, and of course ear massage and scalp massage sounds.

0:00 : Scalp Massage
6:28 : Ear Massage
10:20 : Focus on your left ear
11:26 : Focus on your right ear
12:17 : back to both ears being massaged

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Thank you for watching the video and for reading the description! Take care,



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