ASMR Head & Ear Massage | Inaudible/Unintelligible Whispers, Personal Attention Roleplay Soft Spoken

Welcome to your ASMR head and ear massage! Today you will be receiving a variety of massage techniques in this soft spoken roleplay. Relax with some personal attention and calming massaging for your tired head and ears also offering inaudible/unintelligble whispers, ear cupping, ear brushing, head scratching, head massaging and fun triggers! Looking for more?

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My name is Dee and I created The Healing Room ASMR for all things ASMR! Combining my passion for entertainment and ASMR relaxation, I created this space for other like-minded people who love ASMR relaxation and creative role plays. If that is you then don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment on videos 🙂 It does help! You will find a variety of content from me, from roleplays, makeup, to cosplay, and some original characters too! I love being creative!




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