As Western firms flee from despot Putin can you tell what big names these knock-off Russian brands are imitating?


AS a number of Western firms have fled from Russia over the invasion of Ukraine knock-off brands have started to pop up across the country.

With many adopting strangely familiar logos, the new brands are set to replace the companies that have left- can you tell which big names they are imitating?

Russian companies have launched knock-off products


Russian companies have launched knock-off products

The imitation brands have already started to file trademark applications in the hope of snatching the business left behind by the global companies.


Can you guess the new food chain?


Can you guess the new food chain?

One of the new brands named Uncle Vanya appears to have plans to grab the business left behind by McDonald’s with its own Golden Arches.

McDonald’s announced earlier this week that it would permanently leave Russia after closing its 846 stores back in March following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Days after McDonald’s closed its doors, a trademark application was filed for Uncle Vanya’s own sideways golden arches logo.

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In a letter to employees and franchisees, McDonald’s boss, Chris Kempczinski, said the fast-food giant would be selling its portfolio of Russian stores, and that “the Golden Arches will shine no more in Russia.”

Leaving the country is expected to cost the American fast-food company around £1 billion.


Russia's new drink Cool Cola


Russia’s new drink Cool Cola

Coca-Cola also appears to have its own Russian knock-offs with almost identical branding.

The Russian drinks producer Ochakovo said their CoolCola has the “classic flavours of your favourite soft drinks” with a “cult taste”.


The same company has also launched an orange-flavoured Fanta imitation drink so now Russians will be able to enjoy a cool Fancy.

Russia's new orange-flavoured drink


Russia’s new orange-flavoured drink

Set up in the Soviet Union in 1978, Ochakovo has previously sold traditional Russian fermented beverages before branching out into soda.


And lastly, lemon-lime Street is supposed to replace the classic Sprite.

The Russian version of a summer favourite


The Russian version of a summer favourite

The Russian drinks company isn’t the only company producing an imitation of the global drinks brand.

Grink Cola and Komi Cola have also been launched in recent months.


The company's logo is strangely familiar


The company’s logo is strangely familiar

Russia has also its own copycat version of IKEA, called IDEA.

The world’s biggest furniture brand also closed its Russian stores in early March.

Only a few days later a registration of trademark for a new furniture company with a very similar logo was submitted to the Russian government for approval.

Other major companies which have either suspended their services in Russia or pulled out of the country include Apple, Disney, H&MIkeaNetflixPlayStationSpotify and TikTok.

Beer giant Heineken and cigarette company Imperial have also stopped operations in Russia following Putin’s invasion.

Mastercard and Visa have announced they are suspending operations and banks including HSBC are stopping activities connected to Russia.

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Just as it was closing, Russians were caught panic buying and stocking
up on their flat-pack furniture.

Since many other businesses have suspended their operations in Russia, it might not be that long before we see some more knock-off brands.

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