Animal Crossing New Horizons: COMPANION GUIDE BOOK REVIEW (Everything You Need To Know)

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Today we are hands on and reviewing the Animal Crossing New Horizons Official Companion Guide by FuturePress.
This is an absolutely ginormous game guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons and contains everything both beginners and experts will need to play through Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch.
This is officially licensed so have comfort in knowing the content is accurate.
We discuss my thoughts on the Companion Guide and talk a little about what I think of the book and whether or not I recommend it BEFORE showing any detailed spoilers.
We then take a look inside and go over some of my favourite articles to demonstrate what you can expect from this Animal Crossing New Horizons Companion Guide.
We wrap things up by discussing the last few chapters and giving an overview of the product, along with my final thoughts.

Please remember this is just my personal opinion. This is NOT a paid promotion, therefore an honest and completely unbiased review.
This book was bought by me.

For those that read my descriptions (you know who you are (THANK YOU)). Today’s word is “COMPANION HYPE”, just because it sounds cool and we all need a New Horizons Companions right now.
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