Aneta Corsaut’s Untimely Death & Affair with Andy Griffith

Plenty of television viewers will remember the on-screen relationship between Andy Taylor and Helen Crump on the beloved 1960s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. However, not everyone knows the real life romance that the show’s two stars shared behind the scenes. This romance was notable not only for the immense passion involved, but also for the fact that it was a secret affair. Of course, the two stars in question were Andy Griffith and Aneta Corsaut. The two stars hit it off almost immediately, and were entangled in an extramarital affair pretty much by the time that their on-screen counterparts were dating. Although Aneta was single at the time, Andy had been married for over 15 years and had several children.

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The relationship between Andy Griffith and Aneta Corsaut was atypical for an extramarital affair in many ways. Andy proposed marriage to Aneta multiple times over the course of their romance, but Aneta always turned him down. Despite this, they remained lovers, and close friends once their romance ran dry. Although the two eluded marriage in real life, their on-screen counterparts in The Andy Griffith Show became married in the spin-off show Mayberry R.F.D.

Furthering the relationship between the two stars, all of Aneta’s final roles before her death came as a result of her friendship with Andy. She was given minor roles in Andy’s successful 1980s drama Matlock, culminating in a final appearance during the show’s final year, 1992. After this, Aneta reprised her role as Helen Crump in 1993’s The Andy Griffith Show Reunion before passing away from cancer in 1995. She was never married, and left behind no children. Join Facts Verse as we uncover Aneta Corsaut’s untimely death and affair with Andy Griffith.

Aneta Corsaut’s Untimely Death & Affair with Andy Griffith
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