Anal Bleaching – The New Craze


Anal bleaching has become the new in-thing among porn stars, strippers, celebrities, and some free-thinking neighbors. I guess I’m totally out of it, because I haven’t heard of this personal care tid-bit. Even some feminine magazines have been publishing information about this technique.

What is Anal Bleaching?

If you’ve been leading a sheltered life as, apparently, I have been, anal bleaching is described as a cosmetic technique in the dictionary. To be exact: “Whereby strong bleaching solutions like hydroquinones are used to lighten the anal area. This procedure is employed by strippers, body builders, actors and actresses. Seems over time, the butticular area becomes darker (some say it’s due to dark foods like coffee, others speculate it’s due to staining from the bilirubin content in feces). Either way, those who aspire to wear butt floss as swim wear or do pole dancing seem to feel a lighter sphincter will improve their image.”

Why is the Anal Discoloration Offensive?

The idea that anal color is offensive is a personal opinion, I guess. Personally, I haven’t really thought much about it, nor do I tend to view the internal anal area. However, some express the bleaching of this area is a health and hygiene issue, while others promote it as a cosmetic beauty treatment. Researchers propose anal staining is due to excessive coffee and soda drinking, and poor hygiene. So, apparently, after years of bad eating habits and poor wiping, the anus skin becomes darker in color.

So, the obvious solution is to bleach the dark skin similar to the way dentists bleach out stains on our teeth. The difference is in the compound used to make the bleach. Anal bleach is composed of a peroxide-based cleansing gel, and wiped away with tissue that mirrors baby wipes, but with a much larger price tag.

On the Cosmetic Beauty Treatment Side:

The general synopsis for anal discoloration is genetic. Some people have more pigment in that area of their bodies than others. In comparison, some people have dark colored nipples and labia, while others light.

Who Does Anal Bleaches?

Many upscale salons and spas offer this treatment. Of course, you need to know where to look and have half your annual salary in hand to make your butt to look like a porn stars.

If you want or need to be a bit more thrifty with your hard earned money, you can get anal bleaching supplies to do the procedure in your own home! Search on Google and you’ll find many businesses that offer this type of commodities.

Personal Thoughts on Anal Bleaching …

Now, I may be old fashioned, but bending over or squatting on a mirror to look between my ass cheeks is not high on my ‘to do’ list. In fact, I doubt it would even rank anywhere in my top 10 things to do before I die! Sure, I bathe, scrub, powder and lotion my body, but bleaching? No thank you, the color of my anus is what it is, and that’s the end of that tune.

It’s highly doubtful that photos of my anus will be displayed as artwork on the walls of my hacienda. If my anus color had a negative affect on my sex life or partner, I think it would be time to dump the bum to the curb.


Source by Jessie Penn

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