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First I’ll say this was of course totally unexpected and extremely appreciated/helpful for my family but I still wish there was a way to know who did it, why and to say thank you.

What happened was that 3 months ago our mortgage payment wasn’t deducted from the bank account, I saw that the next day and called the bank. They told me that our mortgage balance (including early payments fees) have been paid in full.

I hung up and went to my home branch with my husband right away to see what’s going on. We both thought it was some bank error and after a few days or so we’d end up being charged late fees/have a missed payment.

Assistant manager was available and she looked everything over and confirmed there’d no mortgage, that it was paid in full.

Also, she confirmed it was not an error since the person who paid it knew both our names, that we banked at this bank and that they held our mortgage. They also declined to be identified and the bank has to respect that.

Again, we’re both extremely thankful but also confused as to who did this and why.

We have very little family in Canada and none of them did it or would’ve been able to (we only bought our house 2 years ago so mortgage was very new).

I guess there’s nothing we can to do find out who did it?


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