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Every time someone makes a “Should I move to Calgary from Toronto” thread you always get the masses of Torontonians who need to justify their recent massive million+ dollar commitment to Toronto and they vastly out number Calgarians on this sub. Keep that in mind.

In reality its about your priorities. Amenities wise, Calgary has every thing Toronto has just less optionality. So for example, Calgary has two smaller “bar districts” while Toronto probably has dozens. Calgary will have dozens of Indian restaurants while Toronto probably has thousands… etc. Its a city of almost 1.5 million people. Its not a barren wasteland but its also not going to be as vibrant as a city of 6 million.

Calgary will have colder winters but sunnier and dry so -10c in Calgary is going to feel more manageable than -10c in Toronto. Calgary gets more -30c days though. The trade off is Calgary has more winter sports and access to some of the best mountain/outdoor activities in the entire world, but if you dont do those things its of little use to you.

Calgary has higher salaries on average but you need to find work before coming out here because that can be hit and miss depending on your field.

The cost of living is not even in the same universe as Toronto.

Oh and politics are pretty split here so if you’re the type of person that needs everyone to agree with you on politics and you get frustrated when they don’t then avoid this place like the plague. if you were fine just keeping your politics to yourself then it wont come up at all.

So yeah, if you’re still in your bar phase where nightlife and vibe is a top priority then Calgary is probably not going to compare. If you want space and a quiet suburban life with a backyard, Calgary can’t be beat.

Dont listen to salty Torontonians who need to convince everyone that places with lower cost of living are hellscapes with no jobs and nothing to do because they need to feel better about their own sunk costs. Visit, ask Calgarians directly.


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