10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Drag-and-Drop on Your iPhone


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With iOS 15, your iPhone got a somewhat hidden tool that can boost your productivity and help you speed up repetitive tasks, such as copying and pasting multiple items. The tool is called drag-and-drop, and it lets you quickly drag multiple photos into a Word or Google Docs document, allows you to instantly copy links to all open Safari tabs, and lets you rearrange the layout of home screens on your iPhone.

Being able to drag-and-drop things across different apps is one of the best iOS 15 features. To use it, tap and hold the thing you want to drop, and with a different finger, start scrolling and selecting. If it’s texts, you’ll have to tap and hold the first message and then move it until you can see other texts on the screen; without leaving the first text, scroll and select other messages. You can then open other apps and drop these texts directly.

Here are 10 ways you should start making the most of your iPhone’s drag-and-drop feature.


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