10 Romantic Date Ideas


Going out on a date can be adventurous, exciting, or even cheap and free. A romantic date can be a little harder to organize. If you are stuck for inspiration, the ten romantic date ideas in this article might prove useful.

A Picnic Under The Stars – A picnic beneath the stars can be magical and memorable. You can add a little excitement by bringing along a telescope and doing a little stargazing.

A Horseback Ride – This can also be fun and exhilarating. If you search online, there should be several places close by that offer this service.

Boating – You can rent a paddle boat or a small cruiser. Being with your partner in the middle of a lake or out at sea can be highly romantic. Take along a picnic.

A Drive-In – Going to the movies on a date is pretty commonplace. Taking your date to a drive-in is far more romantic; especially if the movies are romantic themselves.

A Play Or Musical – It may be a long time since you or your date have been to the theater. It represents a fantastic opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy something a little different. Afterwords enjoy a romantic meal.

Visit A Quaint Town – This is especially special if you live in the city. Spend the day visiting a small town. You can have lunch and dinner, visit the landmarks and shops, and sample whatever local treats are on offer.

A Carriage Ride – This may be a cliche but things become cliches for a reason. This much loved pastime of lovers makes an ideal idea for a romantic date. A carriage ride in winter, with the two of you snuggled under a blanket, is particularly romantic.

Visit The Town Of Your Partner’s Birth – If feasible, treat your partner to a visit of their birth-town.

A Bike Ride – Spend the day exploring on bikes. At the end of the day you will both be in much need of a hot, soaky bath and a nice candle-lit dinner for two.

Ice-Skating – This can be a fun date as well as romantic.

Whatever date you choose, the most romantic date ideas are ones that are personal to the person you take on a date. If they have always wanted to visit their birth-town, take them their; if they love musicals, take them to a musical. Making a romantic date personal to the person on that date shows that you care about them.


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