10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship!


Love is always the biggest story. But sometimes, by itself, it is not enough. It is necessary that the two people commit themselves and take responsibility for the relationship. Both must be invested. It is, at the same time, the hardest and easiest thing in the world. Today we tell you then what are the 10 things that, in addition to love, are indispensable to any happy relationship.

1. Trust

Controlling the person we love does not bring us closer to him. On the contrary. It is necessary to trust that we are your choice, to trust that we are important, to trust in the love that you give us (and that we give back). Trust, in short, the love that binds us to that person. This means not letting ourselves be overcome by concerns that, when unfounded and illogical, gradually erode love.

2. Friendship

You have certainly heard that the greatest love stories were born out of friendships. True or not, the fact is that the friendship and affection that we feel for our better half is the basis of all the relationship we have with her.

3. Commitment

The success of a relationship depends directly on how much the two parties are invested in it. Your relationship must be your priority, invest in it and invest your time, energy, effort. That way, your better half will know that it is important in your life.

4. Communication

Talking is necessary. Listening is necessary. The happiest relationships are those in which the two parties put aside fears and modesty and speak openly about what worries them and what motivates them. The passive-aggressive attitude of waiting for the other person to know what we want (because it is their obligation to know) is halfway to disagreements and frustrations.

5. Respect

Because there is no love without respect. Yes, I do. Passion, maybe. But love? Loving implies respecting the other person. Understand it and respect it for what it is. Its truth is not absolute. Neither does the way you see the world. It is necessary to respect the differences as much (or more) as it respects the similarities.

6. Acceptance

Your better half is not perfect. It is full of small (and delicious) imperfections. You will have defects that will bother you and addictions that will make you anxious. It’s part of it. You have to accept the person as a whole. If there is a characteristic in the other person that you do not imagine living with (and that you will hardly accept, even if you say otherwise), the relationship is more likely to be ‘doomed’ and that, sooner or later, will end. But not before a good deal of frustration!

7. Admiration

Loving someone you admire is the greatest luck of all. The admiration we feel towards the loved one is the feeling that drives us to plan a life for two, to want to be part of that person’s life and to be proud to have it in ours.

8. Loyalty

Yes, the concept of what constitutes infidelity varies from couple to couple. The important thing is that they both respect the ‘rules’. Loyalty is nothing more than respect for the person we have agreed to make a priority in our lives. If you have doubts about your own behavior, just think “if it were me, how would I react?”.

9. Forgiveness

Your better half will fail. Not always, but sometimes. It will disappoint you, have attitudes that sadden you, you will even be able to make it furious. And if you do, you need to know how to give your forgiveness when it is asked (and deserved). Get rid of resentments and forgive. That way you will feel the true extension of love, which so often leads us to put someone’s feelings above ours.

10. Common experiences

When we love someone we want to be part of their life and we want that person to be part of ours. Sharing experiences and tastes is a way to involve someone in our world. Activities for two are therefore essential, whether they are unique adventures or mundane everyday things.

It seems simple. And is!


Source by John Efetobor

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